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Talk on the Street & Smith’s

February 18, 2012

Hugh Atkins

Another baseball tradition from my youth has gone by the wayside; there is no 2012 edition of Sporting News Baseball, which was the modern version of Street & Smith’s Official Baseball Yearbook.

After combing the newsstands and shuffling through all the baseball publications without finding an edition of Sporting News Baseball, I called the offices of Sporting News and was told that they had ceased publishing all of their yearbook magazines. Sporting News now incorporates the information usually contained in their sports yearbooks into their monthly publication available only to subscribers.

The old Street & Smith’s Official Baseball Yearbook was around for 67 years beginning in 1941. In 2007 American City Business Journals, Inc., Street & Smith’s parent company, purchased Sporting News. At that time their website said the yearbooks would have the Sporting News name “because Sporting News is an integrated sports media company whose operations also include the ‘first newsweekly in sports’….” I guess the fact that Street & Smith’s had been producing annual sports yearbooks longer than anyone else counted for nothing.

I discovered Street & Smith’s Official Baseball Yearbook in 1972 at Dickson-Sadler Drug Store in Clarksville, Tenn. Vida Blue of the Oakland Athletics was on the cover. After flipping through the magazine at the rack, I marched to the counter and laid down the whopping price of 75 cents. I bought one every year through 2007 and purchased the Sporting News version from then on. I still have my 1972 Street & Smith’s, but the cover featuring Vida Blue disintegrated long ago. I bought an additional copy on eBay that is in near mint condition, but it has Roberto Clemente on the cover.

Street & Smith’s offered predictions on the standings for the upcoming season. In 1972 Street & Smith’s picked the Atlanta Braves to finish in fourth place in the National League West. They proposed a cockamamie theory that with Rico Carty and Orlando Cepeda coming back from injuries and Ralph Garr coming off a .343 season the Braves probably would play Henry Aaron at third base. To that point in his career, Aaron had played a grand total of seven games at third base, and he was 38 years old, so a position shift to third base seemed more than a bit far-fetched. As it turned out, Aaron stayed at first base, Carty played in only 86 games, and the Braves eventually traded Cepeda. Despite missing the mark on the proposed lineup, Street & Smith’s was right about something; the Braves finished fourth.

I did not buy a Street & Smith’s every year solely for the predictions. It was always the best single source of information on all the major league teams. It also had statistics from the previous season, recaps of the playoffs and World Series, and, one of my favorite features, “Player’s Targets.” This section detailed which current players were approaching career milestones, such as 500 home runs, 3,000 hits, and 300 wins.

Looking back at my 1972 edition of Street & Smith’s, the “Players Targets” section showed Willie Mays with 639 home runs, 68 behind Babe Ruth and seven home runs ahead of Aaron. Harmon Killebrew, with 515 homers, was only 21 behind Mickey Mantle; Frank Robinson was not far behind with 503 home runs. In 1972 there were only 14 players with 400 or more career home runs, 11 of whom had over 500, three had over 600, and the Babe was the only player over 700. Going into this season, there are 47 players with over 400 career home runs, including 25 with over 500, eight with over 600, and three with over 700. Chipper Jones is 46 home runs away from 500, and Albert Pujols is 55 away, so it is unlikely that anyone will reach that plateau this season. Manny Ramirez may be back, and he is 45 homers away from 600, so it is highly unlikely that anyone will reach that mark this season, either.

© T.C.G.

Roberto Clemente had 2,882 hits, leaving him just 118 shy of 3,000; he got those 118 hits and then died in a plane crash after the season, finishing his career with exactly 3,000. Going into the 1972 season, there were 10 players with over 3,000 hits, one of which had over 4,000. Going into this season, there are 28 players with over 3,000 hits, two of which have over 4,000. Ivan Rodriguez is within striking distance of 3,000, needing 156 more; Omar Vizquel needs 159. Rodriguez is 39, and Vizquel is 44 and neither play regularly, so it is unlikely that either of them will make it this season. Alex Rodriguez is just 225 away, but he has never had more than 213 hits in a season, so it is unlikely he will get there this season, either.

As far as pitching targets, Jim Bunning retired after the 1971 season with 224 wins. Juan Marichal with 221 wins was the active career leader going into the 1972 season, so no one was close to 300. Bunning finished up with 2,855 strikeouts, good enough for second all-time behind the 3,508 by Walter Johnson. The active leader in strikeouts going into the 1972 season was Bob Gibson with 2,578, so no one was close to 3,000 strikeouts, either.

I suppose the demise of Street & Smith’s Official Baseball Yearbook is merely just another sign of the times. I mean, who really needs a printed magazine to find out that Brian McCann hit .270 last year or that Dan Uggla, despite having a hitting streak of 33 games last season, finished the year at .233 with 156 strikeouts? Such statistical information is available online at the click of a mouse. It is also fairly easy to check on which players are approaching which milestones. And I must admit that I had become increasingly frustrated over the past few seasons by not being able to locate information on players who did not settle on a team until after publication of the yearbook. But I will miss having my Street & Smith’s stashed in the magazine holder beside my recliner and being able to reach down, grab it, and look up some player or statistic at a moment’s notice.

I hate that Street & Smith’s is gone. But adding insult to injury is the plethora of magazines devoted to fantasy baseball. On a recent trip to Barnes & Noble, I found no less than six publications offering player rankings, player analyses, and player projections for the purpose of making better decisions when drafting fantasy baseball teams. USA Today offers a fantasy guide and a yearbook, but even their yearbook features a fantasy forecast complete with a ranking of the top 200 fantasy players in baseball.

I could not find a single baseball publication that offered everything the old Street & Smith’s did. Maybe I can use that as justification – or rationalization – for buying an iPad. After all, when you’re watching the game on television, there are some things you just must look up on a moment’s notice. Without a current issue of Street & Smith’s Official Baseball Yearbook, the iPad may be my only hope.

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  1. February 19, 2012 11:56 am

    I still have my Street & Smith’s Official 1975 and 1976 Football Edition with Terry Bradshaw the cover, I think it’s neat to look back, and see their predictions and see how wrong they can be.


    • February 19, 2012 4:45 pm

      Most people must have hung on to their Street & Smith’s. They’re all over eBay. In baseball, they seemed to always pick the previous year’s winners to win again.


  2. Jason permalink
    February 23, 2012 7:23 pm

    Like yourself, I have been a big fan of the Street & Smith’s (now Sporting News) yearbooks; the baseball edition is great, but I also pick up the football one as well. I fully agree with you that the magazine and its content are great for people who just want a simple and sleek, but comprehensive way to check up on stats by team, rather than buying something as cumbersome and pricey as the Prospectus. I’ve purchased the yearbooks since 2000, when I was 12 years old or so, and wanted to keep the collection going this year. I landed on your blog after Googling why the yearbook hasn’t come out yet, as you probably know as well as I that Feb is the month the baseball publication hits the shelves. I have been visiting my local Barnes & Noble constantly this month to see if they have stocked up yet. I guess I finally got my answer… it’s just a shame that they had to discontinue it, in favor of the fantasy guide. I wonder what I’ll get to replace it now…


    • February 23, 2012 8:48 pm

      Thanks for your comments, Jason. I’m as tech savvy as the next guy and love gadgets; I love reading ebooks. But there was just something about having those Street & Smith’s and waiting to see who would be on the cover. I was 13 when I bought my first one back in ’72. I guess it being something from our childhood that is no longer around makes it all the more bothersome.


  3. Anonymous permalink
    February 25, 2012 1:52 pm

    Hugh, just read your message about no annual yearbook. Like others, no wonder I can’t find it on my frequent trips to Barnes and Noble. A real bummer. I have complete edition since 1941 and have been buying it myself since 1956 so big disappointment.


    • neil katz permalink
      February 25, 2012 5:29 pm

      the anonymous response of Feb. 25 from Neil Katz, twin of Milton Katz. We are both saddened and frustrated by the surprising turn of events, especially Neil that spent a lot of money to have complete run of baseball and college basketball yearbooks.


      • February 25, 2012 11:29 pm

        I notice you have a 44 in your email. There recently was a story on NPR asking listeners to participate in a poll asking, “What is the greatest number?” I responded that it is 44. The poll also asked for my reasons, to which I responded: Henry Aaron, Willie McCovey, Elvin Hayes, Pete Marivich, Jerry West, George Gervin, John Riggins, Stagger Lee, and Dirty Harry. Thanks for the comments.


    • February 25, 2012 11:08 pm

      You have every one since 1941? You are my Street & Smith’s hero. I suppose modern technology killed one of our traditions. Thanks for the comments.


  4. Milton Katz permalink
    February 25, 2012 3:54 pm

    thanks for your heatfelt thoughts and I share your sadness about the loss of this sporting icon. As you wrote, this is a sign of the times, but that doesn’t make the missing part of every Spring baseball season any easier. Willie, Mickey, and Duke are crying their eyes out.


    • February 25, 2012 11:16 pm

      Thanks for the comments, Milton. It’s good to know that it wasn’t just me.


  5. Anonymous permalink
    February 25, 2012 10:28 pm

    Sigh! You expressed my sentiments completely regarding the demise of the Street & Smith’s Baseball Annual. I began collecting 2 years before you did, in 1970.

    I waited a bit longer than you did to discover that my own streak with Street & Smith’s Baseball/Sporting News had come to an end. Maybe because up here in Canada, sometimes it takes longer to get into the stores.

    Interesting that if you still want an annual with detailed stats, “Who’s Who in Baseball” is still around. My cousin, the late statistician Allan Roth, used to edit it.


    • February 25, 2012 11:32 pm

      Thanks for the comments. “Who’s Who in Baseball” is a great publication. I was glad to find out that I have many kindred spirits out there who loved Street & Smith’s.


  6. February 25, 2012 10:32 pm

    e-mail added


  7. Mick Seven permalink
    February 25, 2012 11:06 pm

    This is terrible- i found your page googling for the yearbook as I didn’t see it. I got Lindey’s this year and might get Athlon’s- I did get the Prospectus for my kindle

    Street and Smiths was my favortie as it ranked the top batters by avg and pitchers by era- useful in my strat o matic draft league.

    What i used to love about the yearbooks in the 1980’s was it would list out all of the various tabletop and later computer games


    • February 25, 2012 11:39 pm

      Mick, I did not mention in my blog that Street & Smith’s came in handy for strat-o-matic. I wrote a two-part series on the joys of SOM back when I was writing for the newspaper. Your comments take me back to some great days from my youth. Thanks.


    • Anonymous permalink
      April 14, 2013 9:48 pm

      do you have any idea what a 1941 street & Smith’s pictorial year book is worth as a collectable.


      • Anonymous permalink
        April 15, 2013 8:46 am

        Not sure of price but I have complete set of yearbooks going back to 1941 and several doubles from 50’s and 60’s that might be willing to sell. Contact me at if interested.


      • April 30, 2014 6:01 am

        We delefitiny need more smart people like you around.


  8. Soxkrazy permalink
    February 26, 2012 9:40 pm

    I, too, had Googled the whereabouts of this year’s Sporting News yearbook and arrived at your blog. I feared the worst, but I held out hope hat the holdup was due to MLB’s laziness about deciding the playoff format for 2012. After all, what good is a bunch of predictions on an outdated format? I’ll miss having all that info at my finger tips for the first time since I bought my first in 1988. 😦


    • February 26, 2012 10:51 pm

      Thanks for the comments. The predictions were fun–and fun to look back on when you knew how it really worked out. We will all miss this publication, but ultimately, Sporting News must have figured it wasn’t profitable to produce, whereas they must be making a mint on fantasy baseball guides.


  9. Anonymous permalink
    February 27, 2012 11:15 pm

    I have checked every newsstand and store throughout new york and out at every airport while traveling this month and new somwething was wrog when I could not find my edtion of SNS -TSN baseball guide I am saddened that it has be discontinued I have over 50 copies of this great magazinze and will surely meis this years al of mine are in mint or excellent condition and i see that they are worth something today!


  10. Fred permalink
    February 28, 2012 1:50 pm

    Such a shame. Athlon Sports publishes one, but I don’t know if it’s as good.


    • February 28, 2012 6:08 pm

      Athlon is not bad, but it doesn’t have everything Street & Smith’s had and the format is not as good. Thanks for the comments.


  11. Anonymous permalink
    February 28, 2012 8:38 pm

    I am stunned and somewhat saddened as I always looked forward to buying the baseball and football yearbooks. I especially liked the baseball editions. I think I started buying them in the early seventies but only have ones from the early eighties. Will miss Players Targets section the most. I will probably purchase one of the others as a last resort for handy player references but it won’t be the same. Maybe if enough people wrote to the publisher they will reverse their decision by next year.


    • February 28, 2012 9:07 pm

      Maybe I should contact the person who told me they were no longer publishing the yearbooks and let them know how many folks have visited my site to find out. Thanks for the comments.


  12. Anonymous permalink
    February 29, 2012 8:11 pm

    Thanks, for the head’s up. Like the red robin and sun climbing the horizon, Street and Smitth’s always meant the advent of a new baseball season for me. For the last couple weeks, I have been combing the racks at my favorite news stand in Penn Station, to no avail. It’s bad enough to not have Street & Smith/Sporting News, but the sight of all of the fantasy baseball magazines is like piling on.


    • February 29, 2012 9:27 pm

      You said it; the fantasy magazines are a slap in the face to the fans who love the Street & Smith’s. Thanks for the comments.


  13. Anonymous permalink
    February 29, 2012 8:29 pm

    Here is the link to tthe Sporting News’ customer service feedback:

    Maybe if enough people let them know how popular the magizine is, they might reconsider, and then again, maybe my Pirates will be playing into November.


    • February 29, 2012 9:29 pm

      Speaking of the Bucs, I hope Nate McLouth rebounds this year. He seems like a good guy and he was hurt a lot worse than I think even he knew for most of his time in Atlanta. And a little feedback to Sporting News couldn’t hurt. Thanks.


  14. Anonymous permalink
    February 29, 2012 8:30 pm

    Here is the link to customer service at the Sporting News:


  15. richard permalink
    March 14, 2012 6:46 pm

    Just today, I decided to check out the yearbook that I have been searching for on the web. I found this site and now know. This sucks! I am an older fan, and remember having Street and Smiths in the 50’s. I did not like it when they went to the Sporting News, but got used to the idea( somewhat). I have all since about 1972, poss. Rod Carew on the cover. I have no older ones left, but repurchased one I can remember well, 1959, with luis Aparicio/Nellie Fox on the cover. I like to keep my yearbook handy too, and Players targets are, or were the first thing I would check out. I am trying to stay away from that crazy electronic source that most people follow around and really are addicted to. Saw a close up of four fans in the front row of a televised hockey game and all were on blackberries. For the price of those seats, I would watch the game.


    • March 14, 2012 10:14 pm

      I appreciate the comments. When I wrote this article I wondered if it I might be making a mountain out of a molehill. It’s good to know there are many others who share my love of baseball traditions, of which I consider Street & Smith’s Official Baseball Yearbook to be. I used to write my column in a newspaper and now it’s a blog; I can live with that. But man I wish I could still get my Street & Smith’s.


  16. Anonymous permalink
    March 17, 2012 5:45 pm

    I had a bad feeling when I first found out it was no longer “Street and Smith” a couple of years ago, and my heart sank when I realized it was now gone just a few weeks ago when I trekked over to B&N. I have every issue from 1967 (I think) so now I’ll have to go back to my boxes and make sure they’re accounted for and preserved as well as possible. They survived Katrina in good to excellent condition and I plan on keeping them that way.


  17. neil katz permalink
    March 18, 2012 10:22 am

    I am having fun reading about all of us saddened by the end of Street and Smith’s. I did mention previously that I have a complete run of s and s baseball yearbooks going back to first year of 1941. also complete run of college basketball yearbooks from first one I think in 1957. And many old college football yearbooks. I might be willing to sell these in near future but for right now I would take bids on the following:
    1944 baseball Ruth on cover–fair cond.
    1945 baseball group photo war time edition good cond.
    1946 baseball Bob Feller on cover good cond
    1955 baseball Yogi Berra on cove very good cond
    1985 baseball Dwight Gooden w/autograph excellent cond.
    also old 43 football fair cond.
    bidders best email directly at for all or some. I know they have value so be reasonable please.


  18. March 18, 2012 9:01 pm

    Thanks for the information. I had been lookng for the baseball edition but could not find one anywhere. I have all the baseball (Street and SMith’s) from 1941 thru the last year they were published under that name, then the Sporting News editions. What a depressing note. I too love to look back on the old issues and re-read the information they had on the pros as well as the minor league stars that were coming up. Have most all of the football ones as well. The Sporting News company just lost one customer with this ******* decision! I just can’t believe it!


    • March 18, 2012 9:14 pm

      I recently learned that Street & Smith published pulp science fiction back in the day. It has been good to find out that there are many of us out there who anxiously awaited the S&S every year.


  19. Rich M permalink
    March 22, 2012 7:16 pm

    I have bought a copy of Street & Smith’s baseball yearbook every spring since the early sixties. It was an annual rite of spring. The other fantasy baseball mags don’t compare.

    Bad move by Sporting News.


    • March 22, 2012 9:36 pm

      You are among an apparent vast number of baseball fans who feel the same about Street & Smith’s. Maybe they will bring it back and this year will be like 1994.


  20. Anonymous permalink
    March 29, 2012 3:24 pm

    how sad. I looked forward every year(for over 30 years) to the Sand S Sporting News yearbook, and came here to find it’s gone! I have no problem finding info on the web (man, to have had this access when I was young) but the yearbook was a great bathroom reference tool!


    • March 29, 2012 8:26 pm

      Good one.


      • Jim permalink
        April 4, 2012 7:58 pm

        The news that Street and Smiths has ceased publication is absolutely horrifying! It puts an enormous damper on opening day. My 1st issue was 1963 with Yogi Berra on the cover, I have not missed an issue since. But now my collection will not reach 50 issues. I treasured the all time leaders section, everything ranging from home runs to rbi’s and pitching wins. I so wanted to see Mariano Riveras name at the top of the All-time saves list. As with everything else, follow the money for the answer why such a treasured item can be torn from us. I suppose now it’s the internet for me!


      • April 4, 2012 8:46 pm

        I have been truly amazed at the response to this article. I thought I likely was the only person who felt such loyalty to Street & Smith’s. Maybe I should sent them the link to this article so they can see some of the reaction to their decision to cease publication. It likely would not matter because, as you say, follow the money. Well, hang in there; baseball season is here!


      • neil katz permalink
        April 12, 2012 9:43 am

        Cheaphill 44, I think you definitely should send them the comments to your initial posts. A long shot but might make a difference. In the meantime, please call me at 315-447-4522 or email me at to discuss maybe putting my full set of S and S (from first issue in 1941 to present) or selected other issues up for sale. Thanks.


  21. Karl permalink
    April 4, 2012 8:59 pm

    Now that I’ve seen this I can finally look for a replacement for The Sporting News annuals. I used to buy both Street & Smith’s and the Sporting News baseball, pro football, college football and college basketball. I was disappointed when S&S was merged into TSN’s editions, but I kept on buying just the one set. At least for football I found another set of annual magazines last year I bought in addition to TSN.


    • April 4, 2012 9:42 pm

      I was disappointed when Street & Smith’s company bought the Sporting News and changed the publication to Sporting News. I don’t know why they didn’t just leave it at Street & Smith’s–another blow to the traditionalists. Hang in there; it’s Opening Day.


  22. Anonymous permalink
    April 11, 2012 4:00 pm

    Nice article. I first discovered Street & Smith’s in 1971 and have every issue since then (all my covers are still legible, although not in mint condition). I agree that the amount of information and the organization of that information was terrific. I loved the recaps of the playoffs and world series; it helped me with my Strat-o-Matic replays to follow the specific lineups and starting pitching schedules. Sad that they decided it had to go by the wayside. The decision to cease publication of the yearbook is probably due to the availability of the information on the web and declining sales, so your idea of an iPad is probably the best way to go.


  23. April 11, 2012 6:42 pm

    Thanks for the comments. I used mine for Strat-O-Matic, as well. The iPad idea sounds good in theory, but I’ve already reached toward my side table for my Street & Smith’s two or three times this baseball season. I don’t think it will ever be the same.


  24. Mel permalink
    April 14, 2012 8:49 am

    The Yankess just opened the season at home and I do not have my annual Street & Smith’s.
    When the magazine changed the it’s name to the Sporting News I was dissappointed. It was
    like Yankee Stadium changing it’s name to a paying sponsor. I have been purchasing this
    magazine since 1970. For the past 12 years I have also purchased this annual tradtion for my 2 son’s. They enjoyed and looked forward to reading the past stats and the writers predictions. Since the beginning of March this year I have been checking several newstands
    with no luck. I decided to see if I could purchase on line as a last resort.
    I just found your article and I am stunned. Yes we can find the stats on line quickly but it’s just
    not the same as having the printed version in your hand. I will miss it.


    • April 14, 2012 9:23 am

      Mel–thanks for the comments. The season is young and I’ve reached for my nonexistent Street & Smith’s. It is way too much trouble to try to access the information online, even from a tablet device, while trying to follow the baseball game. Street & Smith’s was the ultimate handbook for baseball fans. I, too, had passed this tradition on to my son and several of my nephews. Another baseball tradition the fans loved that is no longer around. Take care.


  25. Rob permalink
    April 20, 2012 6:50 am

    Thank you for writing this article. I too was surprised to discover that the magazine was not published this year. I started to collect Street and Smiths Baseball in 1985 and I have looked forward to the each edition ever since then. I managed to collect each issue since 1941. Then I became a real collector as I looked to purchase other covers of the magazine is instead of the Blue Jays edition. My favorite issue was 1990 when they looked back at 50 years in baseball, with great articles about each decade, filled with stats and pictures.


    • neil katz permalink
      April 20, 2012 3:27 pm

      Rob, I too have a complete set of S and S going back to 1941 and a complete set of college basketball from 1958 including some doubles of baseball. If interested in buying some of my doubles for baseball or basketball or college football please let me know at or call 315-447-4522.


    • April 20, 2012 6:10 pm

      Thanks for the comments, Rob. I’ve already reached for my trusty Street & Smith’s several times this young baseball season. Maybe you can hook up with Neil Katz, who also commented on your reply, and increase your collection.


  26. doogie permalink
    May 8, 2012 4:03 pm

    Thanks for the info. I’ve been searching on-line for Sporting News Baseball 2012 Yearbook and you’re the first to say it won’t be published. I once owned every S&S baseball mag from 1984 through its last publication, but when I moved from Atlanta to Baltimore in ’04, I threw them out. I regret that decision almost every day.


    • May 8, 2012 10:18 pm

      Lots of fans are missing Street & Smith’s. I reach for mine almost every night while watching the game. Another tradition trampled. Thanks for the comments.


  27. June 16, 2012 1:54 pm

    Add another to the list: I just realized today that I had not picked up my Annual this year. (I never forget!) Football has replaced Baseball at the newsstand, but I thought “No big deal, I’ll just get it online.” Nope. Like many here, mine go back to the early 1970s. No need to print The Baseball Encyclopedia anymore, and I guess no need for Street and Smith/Sporting News Baseball either. In truth, for the last 10 years or so, I bought it just to keep the collection going. It stopped being my primary reference source some time ago. Still, sad to see it end. I paged through Athlon once. Not interested. I guess my collection ends at 40 (a popular number in the Bible) – Street and Smith from 1972-2007, and Sporting News from 2008-2011. My dad gave me the first.


    • June 16, 2012 11:21 pm

      Yes, I hate that Street and Smith’s has fallen by the wayside. Not a night goes by while I’m watching a game that I don’t reach for my S&S that I usually keep in my magazine rack. Thanks for the comments.


  28. Paul Scarcello permalink
    July 10, 2012 10:41 am

    Has the S&S Football Yearbooks (both College and Pro) gone the way of the Baseball Yearbook? I have scoured both newsstands and online and not a word about it. This is truly a sad sad state of affairs!!! It seems the Recruiting and Fantasy Football editions are available, but who really cares about those??? Lovers of the game want the inside info that S&S seemed to deliver year after year after year.


    • July 10, 2012 12:05 pm

      Paul–When I contacted the publishers of S&S for my article they told me that all their yearbooks were going away–baseball, pro football, college football, etc. Not a night goes by while I’m watching a baseball game do I not instinctively reach form my S&S that I kept in the magazine holder beside my recliner. It was the best baseball publication ever, but it’s gone now. Really a sad situation.


      • Anonymous permalink
        July 23, 2012 2:39 pm

        Unbelieveable!! I have bought S&S College and Pro Football for years. When I searched for them over the past couple of weeks I knew something was wrong…..the other publications just don’t measure up.


      • July 23, 2012 8:07 pm

        Thanks for checking out my blog and join the club of those of us who are sorely disappointed in not being able to get a Street & Smith’s. You are correct; the other publications don’t measure up–and it’s not even close.


  29. Anonymous permalink
    July 14, 2012 8:01 pm

    I am very upset, like you are, that Street and Smith is no longer published. It was THE baseball magazine I purchased every spring to see the predictions of the coming year and also who had been traded to what team during the off season (which I may have missed over the winter) and like you I especially liked the Player’s Targets. I started buying these magazines in 1960 and I have every issue until 2007,but when I could not find a copy in 2008 I discovered Lindy’s BB magazine as an alternative. I had bought The Sporting News baseball magazines over the years as well (since 1981) but always liked S&S the best! Now this season I could not find TSN, or Lindy’s or any other BB magazine. Since reading your article I now know why I couldn’t find TSN BB publication but has Lindys gone in the gutter as well? Bill Mazeroski published a bb magazine for a few years also which I bought as I always read as much about the game as I could get my hands on. Especially since I’m Canadian it was always difficult to find bb magazines after May and since Canada is obsessed with hockey I had to be a super sleuth to find a copy of baseball material at all. So I ask you this question, Is there a baseball magazine comparable to S&S, TSN or Lindy’s available for this year?


    • July 14, 2012 10:41 pm

      I could not find a magazine comparable to S&S so I just gave up. I suppose the expectation is that we can simply find our information online and there is no need for a magazine. I have not watched a game this season that I did not at some point reach for my S&S to quickly look up something. It truly is the end of an era. Thanks for reading and thanks for the feedback.


  30. Dave permalink
    July 15, 2012 7:35 pm

    Not just the yearbooks but all TSN Guides, Registers, and record books are gone. I’m doing a school and without the yearbooks and the other TSN annual is makes it much more difficult.for my research project


    • July 15, 2012 9:49 pm

      Thanks for the comments, Dave. I have missed my Street & Smith’s more than I realized I would. Baseball fans like to count on things being constant. This clearly is the end of an era.


  31. Nick Law permalink
    July 24, 2012 4:41 pm

    Like others above, I came across this post because I couldn’t find the Sporting News football yearbook for sale anywhere. I work in London (that’s the place the Olympics is about to start in, though, sadly, with no baseball anymore) and finding an NFL publication there is not the easiest thing, though over the years I managed to build up a list of newsstands who catered for exotic interests. I might be able to get a copy of Lindy’s now, but, you know, it’s not just the same!


    • July 24, 2012 9:23 pm

      Nick–Thanks for stumbling onto my post from way over there across the pond. No, Lindy’s is just not the same. Apparently, there are many baseball fans who just had to have their Street & Smith’s every year; the same goes for college and professional football. I suppose we are victims of an electronic age. I wrote a column in a newspaper for 11.5 years, but now it’s all electronic. There was always something special about being able to grab the S&S in a moment’s notice and look up something during the games. It’s just not the same on a tablet computer. Take care.


  32. August 2, 2012 4:22 pm

    I, like so many avid subscribers, miss the annual Street and Smith’s College Yearbook because they gave information on smaller schools such as the Ivy League. These days, all the major publications are on the big schools and all their glitter and hoopla. Do you know of any publishers that still write containing all the colleges such as the ones you published?Thank You
    James DeRose
    Schiller Park,Ill.


    • August 2, 2012 8:58 pm

      No, James, I know of no other publisher putting out the same type of yearbook on college football. While my post was about S&S baseball, it appears as if just as many (if not more) fans are missing the college football edition. Thanks for checking out my blog.


    • January 14, 2013 10:38 pm

      james try phil steele for your college football needs


  33. August 3, 2012 2:28 pm

    Thank you for replying so fast. I appreciate that. I called The Sporting News, the publishers who took over after Street and Smith’s stopped publishing the yearbooks and the receptionists voiced the same sentiments. I, like so many other readers you have on this blog have saved all Those College football yearbooks for years(45) My first one-1965, cost only fifty cents!. She said they are the editors are looking to revive the old format next year. I pray to God it goes through. Thank You again.
    James De Rose


  34. Anonymous permalink
    August 9, 2012 2:48 pm

    I have bought the Sporting News Pro Football Yearbook every year since 1992, the year I started my fantasy football league that I still run 20 years later. Over the years I have bought other football yearbooks and fantasy football annuals, but the Sporting News Football yearbook was the only one I bought every year. I read it each year from cover to cover and it stayed on my coffee table until the day after the Super Bowl, and constantly went to it for info on players while watching games. When I could not find it this year I worried that it was gone, and now that is confirmed upon reading this blog. Sad to hear. Also, I did not buy a baseball magazine every year, but when I did it was always the Sporting news Yearbook. The other ones out there just didn’t compare for total content.


    • August 9, 2012 7:44 pm

      Glad my blog ended the mystery for you; sorry it was confirmation of bad news. Thanks for the comments.


  35. Anonymous Rex permalink
    August 14, 2012 8:57 pm

    Sad day when I found out in late winter/early spring that S and S BB Yearbook would not be printed in 2012.
    Immediately expressed my displeasure to Sporting News corporate in the hope that publication will resume in 2013.
    Everybody who commented here should vent their displeasure to the publisher.
    A Facebook page, if one doesn’t already exist, dedicated to bringing back the Yearbook should be created.


    • August 14, 2012 9:31 pm

      Thanks for the comments. Maybe I should sent them the link to this site. If this many people are commenting at such a obscure blog, it must mean there are thousands of us who are disappointed that we can no longer get our yearbooks.


    • August 14, 2012 9:32 pm

      Great idea about the facebook page.


  36. August 15, 2012 2:55 pm

    Yes, send them this link. With God’s help, they’ll receive the message. I’m writing to them as well with the help of the link you provided previously.


  37. Bill Jones permalink
    August 17, 2012 11:30 pm

    Thanks for this. I’ve been looking all over for The Sporting News Pro Football Annual. Thanks to you, now I know why I can’t find it. I’ve been buying Street & Smith’s Pro Football (and occasionally College Football) and Baseball Annuals since I was a teenager in the 1960s. I was already upset a couple of years ago when I discovered they’d merged with The Sporting News. Now this!!! Please keep us informed of any movement, protests, etc., we can join to persuade The Sporting News to bring back these great publications.


    • August 18, 2012 7:48 am

      Thanks for the comments. I’m glad I ended the mystery for you, but I’m sorry it was not the answer you hoped for.


      • neil katz permalink
        August 18, 2012 10:17 am

        Again, I want to state that I have a complete set of S and S Baseball Yearbooks from first one in 1941 and complete set of Basketball Yearbooks since 1958 and many Pro football and college football. Several years of baseball I have doubles. Because I am getting up in age, I would consider selling by whole set or just individual ones if I have doubles to other fans of S and S. They have given me many days of pleasure over the years. If anyone interested, write me at personal email


  38. Bill N permalink
    August 19, 2012 8:41 pm

    I am a little late in commenting on what happened with Street and Smiths Baseball, but I just had to say something. I started collecting their magazines back in 1956 and have the last copy of 2011. I will really miss this information coming out in february. Good old Sporting News


    • August 19, 2012 9:30 pm

      Thanks for the comments, Bill. 1956, huh? You must have some classic covers. As I’ve said to many of those who have commented on this post, there has not been a game I’ve watched this season that I did not instinctively reach for my Street & Smith’s.


  39. Steve Mason permalink
    September 28, 2012 9:12 pm

    I’d been buying the Sporting News baseball and pro football yearbooks since about 1989. After scouring the magazine racks up until baseball opening day this year I found a note on the Sporting News webpage that they were discontinuing the yearbooks. Very dispappointing. I’ve purchased the Lindy’s yearbooks this year. They’re pretty good, lots of stats, and you can order the different regional covers on their webpage like you could with SN’s yearbooks, if you so desire. To quote the closing line from the movie THE WILD BUNCH, “It aint like it used to be, but it’ll do..”.


    • September 29, 2012 11:24 am

      Thanks for your comment, Steve. Like you said in your quote, “it ain’t like it used to be.”


  40. Nan permalink
    October 25, 2012 12:39 pm

    Would you be interested in buying a 1941 S&S Baseball Pictorial Year Book with Bob Feller on the cover?

    I am always looking for real devotees to become new owners parts of my late husband’s vast sports literature collection


  41. Kevin Todd permalink
    November 13, 2012 4:07 pm


    I’m so bummed, but also really enjoyed reading all of these postings by everybody about their childhood/adult memories of Street & Smith magazines. Hoops was my thing and I purchased my first one in the 70’s with Bill Walton on the cover. They covered the NBA, College and Prep, and I loved reading and following all the names throughout the years.

    44 was the best number too .. still have my George Gervin “Iceman” poster and Pistol Pete license plate.

    Kevin Todd
    Mill Creek, WA


    • November 13, 2012 9:23 pm

      Thanks for the comments, Kevin. I may restart the blog after the first of the year. Hope all is well way out west.–Hugh


  42. January 14, 2013 10:31 pm

    Cheaphill44 i loved your story about a year ago on e-bay i bought every street and smith baseball from 1977-2004 i already had 2005-2011 and i just heard sporing news is coming back Fansty Baseball Then their Normal baseball like 2008-2011 College Football NFL Fansty NFL And college basketball


    • Anonymous permalink
      January 16, 2013 8:36 am

      do you have any interest in buying older issues? I have complete set of S and S going back to first issue in 1941. football and basketball too


  43. Anonymous permalink
    January 15, 2013 11:16 am

    Good news!! 2013 Sporting News Baseball is supposed to be on the newsstands January 29. Received this information from the Editorial Page of the 2013 Sporting News Fantasy Baseball Mag


    • January 15, 2013 8:08 pm

      Hey, this truly is good news! I’ll have to grab one and see if it measures up to previous versions. Thanks for the info.


      • January 15, 2013 8:15 pm

        it shouild be like 2008-2011 what i wish they wouild do is put a roster update online in PDF form like in mid-march and if it a big signing talk about how will that affect the ball team it couild be a 30-60 page PDF and they couild change like 1 99 for it


    • January 21, 2013 1:05 pm

      This truly is good news. I will get one and keep it by my chair while watching the games this season. It will be interesting to see if they address any feedback they may have gotten for not having an issue last year. Thanks for the comments.


      • Anonymous permalink
        January 21, 2013 2:01 pm

        just went to SN website and have 17 different covers. I ordered great cover of Buster Possey and world champions which should be sent this week!


  44. Anonymous Rex permalink
    January 19, 2013 8:12 pm

    I found proof of the existence of the SN 2013 BB Yearbook somewhere on the SN Website


    • January 21, 2013 1:03 pm

      This truly is good news. I will be at the newstand waiting for the issue to appear. It will be interesting to see if they address any feedback they may have gotten for not having an issue last year. Thanks for the comments.


  45. Anonymous permalink
    January 21, 2013 2:02 pm

    17 Different covers ready for delivery on sporting news web site!


    • neil katz permalink
      January 21, 2013 2:05 pm

      the notice on the 17 different covers and the Buster Possey choice from Neil Katz


    • January 21, 2013 3:27 pm

      This is fantastic! Thanks for the update. I’ll check out their site and pick out a cover.


  46. January 31, 2013 2:46 pm

    Just got notice by email that the Sporting news (Street and Smith) Baseball Magazine is back. I found your blog last year searching to see what was happing and sent a comment expressing my disappointment.

    So happy to be able to check back and share in the good news that my decades-old collection can continue again.

    Heading to B & N to see if it is on the shelf yet.


    • February 1, 2013 8:03 am

      Isn’t this great news? I picked up a copy for myself, my wife (some things you just don’t share), mailed one to my son in college, mailed one to my mom and dad, and brought one to a co-worker. I can’t tell you how many times I reached for my Street & Smith’s during last year’s baseball season. But it’s back! And at least some order is restored to the universe. Thanks for checking back and for the comments. Take care.


  47. Nick Law permalink
    March 5, 2013 4:05 pm

    Greetings again from London. Eight months on from my debut post, I thought I’d check the thread and see if there been any yearbook developments, so I was delighted to see that the Sporting News had had a change of heart and published a print edition. Then I was even more delighted to find one at my usual supplier, along with a Lindy’s and an Athlon — talk about spoiled for choice! Hope you’re enjoying watching the World Baseball Classic.


  48. twenty five permalink
    March 12, 2013 1:20 pm

    Where can i get Bill Mazeroski’s baseball preview magazine!?!


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